The Great Leap

My dear, I have devised a plan. A plan which will require great physical prowess and mental fortitude. I have spent many a day and many a night on its elaboration, for its phases are manifold, as you will soon come to realise. In order to simplify this plan to its most efficient form, I have chosen to accelerate certain thought processes, only, you can understand, to faster arrive at the final stages of preparation, as well as its actual realisation. An example of this would be the withdrawal of the vain and time consuming act of finding a proper name for the plan, thus resulting in it being named, out of pure practical concern: The Plan. Although I have since taken to referring to it as The Great Leap in the company of my closest friends to whom I conveyed my initial ideas for this project. Please do not anger yourself on account of my, stubborn I grant you, refusal to commit to such a mundane and obvious act as taking a plane across the ocean. Everyone is so compliant with being ever so slight variations of each other and I, am not so. It is partly because of these eccentricities of mine that you have fallen for me. You will have to allow me them once more, for, truth be told, they are me and I am they. Inseparable.

Domesticalities aside, there are more technical aspects of this plan that I would like to discuss. You, being a woman of the world and a scholar, might appreciate this passage most of all. A vast, all-altering idea has slowly come to ripeness in my mind through numerous studies on a large variety of subjects. We, the human race, base our understanding on popular and well accepted perception and beliefs to which, over centuries, we have enslaved ourselves. Take, as an example, the first belief that comes to mind: Religion. Where does god exist but in the mind of people? Yet, slowly, through the cumulation of the belief in His existence, has He not transcended into the material world through art, literature and architecture? Has He not been the cause of wars, sacrifice and torture? Has He not been the object of love and hate? Have not so many lived and died by His rules? What other ideas, then, are so accepted by popular belief, and so transformed into unquestionable facts of common knowledge. Ever since birth, we marinate in pre-established beliefs and perceptions of the world. Too late does the day come when we develop an autonomous mind, for these beliefs lay too deep, at the very foundation of our understanding of the world. We cannot question them and have no other choice but to keep building upon them.

A great theoretician and scientist called Irvine Matters once has said: “It takes considerably more skill to erase an idea from one’s mind then to plant one; if it is to be done at all.” This is what I will endeavour towards. How does one go about forgetting? One could perhaps train one’s mind to think not. To void one’s mind of its content, however, for any length of time, is a truly risky venture. Who’s to say the amount of rules and beliefs by which we live that could unravel themselves as pure fabrications? A scary thought indeed. One that renders unappealing the possibility of voiding one’s mind entirely, lest the true world be unleashed. Hypothetically, colours could be a mere fabrication to hide the hideousness of the world, or worse, the air we think we breathe in order to survive, could in fact be precisely what makes us mortal. But how could one break through such ingrained beliefs? How could one prove to one’s mind the exact contrary of what it has been trained to believe? Well, these are hard questions to answer, and I have struggled with them a great deal.

Ironically, the answer came to me as I was, one night, analysing some ancient religious scriptures. One, of course, must take a Leap of Faith. One that is contrary to the belief that one is attempting to break. But most importantly, it must put one’s whole existence at risk. For example, if, like me, one wanted to prove to oneself that gravity is but a materialised misconception of our collective will to stay grounded and close to the earth; that it is nothing more than a universally accepted fabrication; one would simply need to jump off a building. Not with the hope or fear that gravity will take its course and forward one towards death, but with the unconquerable confidence that gravity is not. Of course I could be mistaken. Maybe gravity is.

It is now grand time for me to unveil The Plan to you. After which our correspondence will cease whether success or failure is met. This has the potential of being the culminating point of my entire life’s work. My Magnus Opus, if you will. It will therefore require all of my might. Should it prove sufficient and should my calculations prove correct, we will have no more need for letters, for I will be at your side once again. But, enough with the sentimentalities, here is what the final stage of The Plan consists of:

At 0500 hours on Sunday the 29th of September, if all goes according to plan, I will be jumping off the roof of my house and will spend the whole day floating as the world rotates under me, and approximately 13 hours later, I will land safely and soundly, somewhere on the European continent, and from there I will make my way to your Little Red House by whichever means available to me at the time.

You are entirely worth this sacrifice to me. I wish nothing more than to hold you in my arms again.


Lester M. Esnoose

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