The Ü is ignored by all creatures of the biosphere. Its proliferation is wholly unhindered by the dichotomy of prey and predator. It appears, as well, utterly unconcerned by the laws of nature. The Ü has evolved a bubble-like home for itself, shielding it so efficiently from the elements, that only air and light were allowed to permeate through its delicate membrane. It lives, not unlike most plants, uniquely by the nourishment provided by photosynthesis. The nearly ethereal shell that constitutes its home is virtually impenetrable and, if pierced, the Ü will inescapably die, though not without emitting a poison gas of such toxicity that whomever dared perturb its peace is subsequently and most conclusively blinded and then suffocated. Hence its generally being left alone. Equipped with both male and female genitalia, it benefits from a seamless reproduction.

At night it can be seen flying high above forests and cities alike. In the next year it is projected that its sheer demographic will twice outnumber any and all living organisms on this planet. The Ü’s cry resembles the sound of a vibrating tuning fork. Clear. Monotone. The melancholy note has even been cited as an inspiration to many works of art and music over the last century of its meteoric rise in demographic. Given its complete state of isolation, it is widely believed that this lonely note is sung uniquely for its musical value. Not for mating. Not as a defence mechanism nor to attract prey.

Purely for the beauty of expression.

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